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Металл как материал в искусстве и дизайне

Дорогой друг! Приглашаем на совместную с и “Laser Technology” лекцию и open-talkМеталл как материал в искусстве и...

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Путешествие по идеальному дому

Вы – преуспевающий мужчина. Вы купили автомобиль за 3,5 million. и поставили на панель пластиковый цветочек, купленный на китайском...

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АО «Металл-база»

Today 1.08.2017 r. ООО «Лазерные технологии» начинают особый, очень приятный цикл встреч со своими лучшими клиентами и...

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Ваши задумки станут реальностью

Технология лазерной резкиэто военная разработка, сейчас она широко используется в промышленности. Но посмотрите, какие...

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Театр начинается с вешалки, а восприятие частного дома с калитки

Технология лазерной резки позволяет создавать калитки с различными орнаментами и узорами, нужного Вам размера. Ваша калитка может стать настоящим произведением искусства!


11-13 May 2018 года – CHELBUILD-2018. Загородный дом. Строительство и ремонт. ЖКХ. Свет.

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Laser cutting

Focused laser beam, providing a high concentration of energy, allows you to cut virtually any material. It is possible to obtain narrow cuts with minimal heat affected zone. Laser cutting is no mechanical effect on the treated material, having minimal deformation, as time in the cutting process, and the residue after complete cooling.

Laser cutting of even legkodeformiruemyh and non-rigid workpieces and parts can be performed with high accuracy. Thanks to high-power laser radiation is provided by high-performance process, combined with high quality cut surface. Easy and relatively easy control of laser beam allows the laser cutting of complex contour of the plane and three-dimensional parts and parts with a high degree of automation. Features of laser cutting demonstrate the clear advantages of the process compared to traditional methods of processing.

Used for cutting metals processing plants on the basis of solid and gaseous CO2 - Lasers, working in continuous, and the pulse-periodic radiation regimes. Laser system is designed to Bystar3015 cutting sheet material and pipe. The range of material thickness of preparations:
Carbon steel - from 0.3mm to 20mm
Nickel-plated steel and hard materials - from 0.3mm to 10mm
Non-ferrous metals and alloys - from 0.3mm to 8mm
pipes up to 120mm

Accuracy of processing - 0.1mm. Cutting can proceed as in the standard, and in pulsed mode. Pulsed mode allows you to cut thicker material and get the cut surface sverhkachestvennuyu. The maximum thickness of non-ferrous metal, which can be cut with oxygen, providing the same quality as when cutting with nitrogen. The minimum diameter of the holes cut equal to the thickness of the metal.

Laser cutting in Chelyabinsk

Rate, accuracy and quality - that's what modern industrialists appreciate the laser cutting and give it the preference.
In Chelyabinsk, laser cutting is successfully engaged in the company "Laser Technology", led by Elizabeth Volkova.
- In comparison with conventional laser cutting processing methods has significant advantages, - Said Elizabeth. - First, is a high speed processing of metal unattainable using other methods, and high accuracy - even in the manufacture of complex shapes. In addition, no need for additional machining, there is no risk, the item will warp or deform even somehow wrong.
The laser beam can handle delicate and fragile materials - without risk of damage, because of mechanical action is not used here. In short, laser cutting technology - optimal for today.
Today, for cutting sheet metal using a laser beam introduced CNC machine, and it opens a new and promising opportunities. Using hardware-software complex allows one equipment manufactured as individual samples, and serial products.
Laser cutting technology is starting to spread wider, gradually declining prices, We offer our partners estimate the benefit of this type of service. In addition, We offer an exclusive range of goods, created by laser technology, reported in detail about this on our website.